Gafsele Lappland Hostel offers you a tranquil base for every kind of holiday. Activity-packed or relaxing. We have listed up some possibilities below. Check them out and book.


Within half an hour drive you can enjoy riding a snowmobile through never-ending forests and on amazing frozen lakes and rivers.

We advise you to book a guide too. He will get you to the most beautiful places and back again.



Everywhere around us are walking paths. It is now possible to start a  hike at the hostel, walk some days through untouched nature, sleep in a hut on your way back to your comfortable room and our nice facilities. Finish your hike with an evening in our big sauna and wellness rooms.



Sight seeing in Swedish South Lapland is something else. Enjoy a BBQ in a grillkåta, or pay a visit to Offerhällan. A steep cliff where once the old and the weak were sacrificed. If you do not like hights have a look in Vitterhuset. A rockformation that is used as an open air theatre every augustus, when operasingers take posession of this extraordinary theatre in the midst of a wetland. Just a little bit further away a museumvillage is kept alive by volunteers. Torvsjö kvarnar (Torvsjö mills) has old machinery that works on the power of water that runs downhill. We can go on and on, but just this last one we have to mention: in Avasjö you will find a small traditional farm that was found as the last occupants left it. A girl lives there in summer to tell visitors about the old ways of farming in this area. And don't forget to have a traditional fika. Coffee with a bun. You can have one in Vilhelmina for example. When you are there visit the second hand store in the old center of the town and be shure to leave the place with an absolute find. We have lots of other suggestions for our guests. No need to get bored unless you want to.


Both alpine skiing and cross-country skiing are close.
Alpine skiing is about 20 to 30 minutes away. In one of the places, it is possible to hire a skiing outfit.
Do you like cross-country skiing? Just put on your skis and ski-out of the main entrance right on a cross-country track.



The hostel is situated on the banks of the river Ångermanälven. In the whole area are boats for hire. Fishing permits can be bought through the internet.

Take out your boat and enjoy the intens blue skies of Lapland, fish or swim.

On your way you will find many places to land your boat and have a BBQ picnic.




Gafsele is the sleddog paradise and is known for its sleddog stadium. We have had many championships on the track that is just around the corner.

With the right snow and temperatures you can have the experience of a lifetime: a ride with sleddogs.